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Birth rate – number/percentage of born children out of the total population

Death rate – number/percentage of deceased persons out of the total population

Natural growth – difference between the birth rate and the death rate

Natural population growth represents the difference between the birth rate (number/percentage of born children) and the death rate (number/percentage of deceased persons). If the birth rate is higher than the death rate, that is positive natural population growth. In the opposite case – negative natural population growth.


For example, in the municipality of Debarca the total population in 2008 was 4.941 and it has decreased for 86 persons compared to the previous year, because the number of deceased was higher than the number of born for 86 persons, which means that this municipality has a negative natural population growth. This number (86) does not encompass the total decrease of the population in the municipality of Debarca for that year, because the total number would also encompass the persons which emigrated from the municipality, and they are not presented here. In the period 2008-2011 the population in Debarca decreased for 343 inhabitants, as a result of the continuous negative natural growth during these years, which represents a decrease of 7,3% of the total population in this municipality. Besides Debarca, municipalities that have highest negative natural population growth are Staro Nagorichane with -5,8% and Vraneshtica with -5,6%. 


At the other extreme are the municipalities that have highest positive natural population growth i.e. biggest difference between born and deceased persons. Those are the municipalities of Studenichani (7%), Arachinovo (5,8%) and Shuto Orizari (5,5%).


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