The web page is pictured to be a collecting center of data related with all municipalities in Republic of Macedonia, including the City of Skopje. The data are divided into several categories and its number will be continuously increasing. The key objective of this web page is not just to collect data and information, but to present the same ones in a simple graphical way, with aim to make the data and information more understandable for the users. The presentation of the data is secured by using free software, i.e. the tools GeoMap and Motion Chart which allow the presentation of the data to be conducted in two ways – geographical and time-scale series.

Within the first way of presentation, the map of Macedonian is provided and the user can select two data categories by which the comparison between the municipalities in Republic of Macedonia can be conducted. Depending on the data for every municipality, the municipalities are colored by different shades of the same color which gives opportunity to notice the differences between the municipalities, as well as the extreme numbers, i.e. the municipalities where this data is the smallest or the highest one.

The second option provides the citizens with opportunity to compare the data within the categories for the period of several years. This option allows to be selected all municipalities in Republic of Macedonia, or to be selected only certain number of them in accordance with the interest of the user/s.

The data are being obtained in two ways – by sending Request for Free Access to Public Information to the holders of information and by desktop and field research. The desktop research uses the official publications of the State Statistical Office as the main information resources. Once the data are obtained, the data that are to be published on the web page are selected. Within the selection process of the data that are to be presented, an Editorial team is included composed of experts, journalists and eminent persons of the society. Every member of the team recommends which data categories to be presented according to own filed of activities.

The database is anticipated to contain data for the municipalities in Republic of Macedonia divided into following areas: transparency of the municipalities, citizens’ involvement in the process of policy creation and decision making, effectiveness of the Primary courts, demographical, economic and social features of the municipalities and the election results.

Within these areas, there are more categories with more variables that can be selected for presentation and comparison. Along with the updating of the databases in the future, the categories will be updated with new data, and new categories will be added as well.

The Citizens Association MOST does not claim that the offered methodology is the best and unique one. Nevertheless, this method of presentation of the conditions and data should contribute towards more qualitative debate in the society.

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