Pravo da znaes (Right to know) is a project of the Citizens Association MOST, which aim is to project the changes in the Republic of Macedonia through searching and comparison of these changes within the Units of the Local Self Government (ULSG) during a certain period of time. The website uses demographical, election, social – economical and specific data of the units of local self-government that are obtained and displayed in a way explained in the Methodology of collecting and presenting data.

The interactive map provides a view of different categories of data and their correlations between different ULSG. The tool for graphical visualization allows the users to see individual data for each ULSG, and provide them with opportunity to compare different categories of data between different ULSG as well as to search the progress of these data in a certain period of time. Even though these data are not perfect, still these information are official and create the picture of the ULSG in Republic of Macedonia and represent a new way of presenting the situations in the ULSG.

The database of the website Right to know will be constantly upgraded in a continuing process of inclusion of new data and information about the situations in the ULSG that are important for the everyday life of the citizens.

By establishing a powerful online resource that offers fresh and unique way of using available information through the society, MOST aim is to contribute towards well-argued debate and to objectively direct the public discourse to the real concerns of the citizens. MOST opinion is that only well informed citizenry is an empowered citizenry, which directly contributes towards activity and inclusion of the citizens in the functional democracy.

The project is supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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