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The analysis of the total number of enrolled pupils in the primary schools in RM in the period 2007-2011 shows that it has decreased for 10,6%. In 2007 222.359 pupils were enrolled, where in 2011 this number decreased to 198.856.


The analysis of the numbers on local level shows that the 3 municipalities where the number of pupils has decreased the most are: Oslomej, Zajas and Drugovo. In Oslomej, the number of pupils decreased for 38,8%, in Zajas for 35,5%, whereas in Drugovo the percentage of decreasing is 30,8%. It is interesting that all these municipalities gravitate towards the municipality of Kichevo and after the local elections they will be merged with this municipality, along with the municipality of Vraneshtica.

During the period 2007-2011 the number of pupils has increased only in 4 municipalities and these are: Aerodrom, Konche, Vasilevo and Shuto Orizari. However, the percentage of increasing in these municipalities is smaller than the percentage of decreasing in the previous 3. Namely, in the municipality of Aerodrom the number of pupils increased for 9,9%, in Konche for 6,5%, in Vasilevo for 4,4% and in Shuto Orizari for 1,6%.