Immigration and emigration i.e. migration to a place and migration from a place are occurrences which have significant influence over the social life and planning of social policies. The municipalities that have less opportunities and perspectives have higher number of citizens who emigrate, most often in bigger cities in search for better life.

The analysis of the number of citizens that emigrated in the period 2007-2011 on a municipal level shows that the percentage of citizens which emigrated in regards to the total population in a specific municipality is highest in the municipality of Debarca, i.e. for these 5 years the percentage of emigrated citizens is 9,9%. In numbers, that is  472 immigrated persons out of 4.788 (average number of inhabitants in the analyzed period). Behind it are the municipalities of Ohrid with 6,1% or 3.361 immigrated persons out of 54.794 (average number of inhabitants) and Makedonska Kamenica, also with 6,1% or 485 immigrated persons out of 7.907 (average number of inhabitants).

When it comes to the immigrated persons in the period 2007-2011, the municipality of Resen leads with 4,7% of immigrated persons out of the total population of this municipality, or 770 persons out of 16.257 (average number of inhabitants in the analyzed period). After it the municipality of Centar follows with 3,8% or 1.741 out of 45.412 inhabitants. From the municipalities in Skopje, next is Kisela Voda with 3,5% or 1.983 out of 57.236 inhabitants.