One of the ways to measure the situation in the field of culture is through an analysis of the number of books, libraries, cinemas, theatres, as well the number of attendees.  


According to the data on Right to Know, taken from the State Statistical Office and referring to the period 1986-2013, the number of libraries has been constantly decreasing. From 138 libraries in 1986, the number decreased to 61 libraries in 2013. Expressed in percentage, the decrease is 55,8%.



However, despite the decrease of the number of libraries, the number of books has been increased from 2.420.000 to 3.177.000 copies.


An opposite trend can be identified with the theatres. Although the number of theatres has been increasing, the number of attendees has been decreasing.



The number of attendees in the theatres has stable trend of decreasing, with the exception of 2011.



Interesting trends can also be identified with the cinemas and the cinema attendance. The number of cinemas has been decreasing constantly and drastically, from 79 in 1986 to only 12 in 2013.



The number of attendees in cinemas has decreased drastically, only to be stabilized in 1991.



After 1991 the number of attendees in cinemas fluctuates, being lowest in the period 2005-2011, and significantly increasing since 2011.



The number of published books and publications also fluctuates, being highest in 2006, then drastically falling until 2010, increasing until 2012, and then again falling in 2013.



While the number of published books and publications has remained nearly constant during this period, the number of printed copies has been constantly decreasing, with slight fluctuations in certain years. It has been the highest in 1986 when 4.083.000 copies have been printed, and the lowest in 2009 with 483.000 printed copies.