The website contains different types of information and data for municipalities and regions in the country, data on national level as well as data from individual institutions. The data are presented in two ways - time, through so-called dynamic chart and time and geograhy, where the map of the country is shown.



                                                Time                                                                                          Time and geography

To view and compare data in the dynamic chart, first select the segment in which you want to view data: national level, municipal level, regional level or data from institutions. 

We will explain the procedure for viewing data at municipal level. Once you click on "Municipalities", opens a submenu from which you select the option "Chart". 


Then, at the bottom left, you select municipalities that want to view. You can select all municipalities or only some of the municipalities that you want to compare. By clicking the box next to "Filter municipalities", you select/deselect all municipalities. By clicking the box next to the name of each municipality, you select/deselect it. Tooltips in the chart are representing the municipalities selected and their size depends on the number of inhabitants in the municipality.


Then, at the top left, select a category of data you want to view, for example tourism. The respective subcategories will show up. In this case there is only one subcategory, number of tourists and the number of nights, so you select it.  

Then select categories of data you want to compare, for example the total number of tourists and the number of domestic tourists. 


To make a comparison between the two groups you need to set then on a different axis for comparison. For example, set the total number of tourists on the x-axis, while the other category of comparison, the number of domestic tourists, set it on  the y-axis.   

After selecting both categories, click the button play/pause at the bottom of the screen to start the visualization. Bubbles move depending on the change of data on municipalities during the period. Visualization can be paused by clicking the button play/pause and the visualization stops on the year that was shown when you’ve paused it. Also, you can also adjust the speed of the presentation, on the scale next to the button play/pause.


The procedure is similar to viewing data in other segments, except for the segment of data at the national level, where you only selected categories i.e. no need to select municipalities or regions. 

In order to compare data by time and geography, on the submenu that appears when you click "Municipalities", click "Map". 


Here it is not necessary to select municipalities, because in this way it is shown the data from all municipalities. On the left side you select the categories of data you want to view, same as for the dynamic chart, and you click on the button "play" to start the visualization. Municipalities are stained in different colors depending on the change of data during the time period.


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